Pilates, Yoga and Weight Training

With a variety of classes, ranging from level one Pilates and Yoga 101 to circuit training and level three pilates. We truly have something for everyone!

Pilates Reformer Classes

Reformer: Preformed on state of the art xerciser pilates machines, these classes are comprised of low-impact core, upper and lower body exercise series. These classes are designed to increase strength as you support back and spine stabilization and improve and maintain overall physical health and wellness, which in turn leads to more flexibility, better balance, and improved posture. Start out with a level I class that focuses on learning the machine, understanding form and recognizing how your body should feel when in proper form. Move on to Level II when you feel comfortable with machine transitions and have an understanding of basic pilates exercises. Then on to Level III when you’re ready for a challenge with increased pace, strength, and resistance.

Each instructor is trained to help you reach your goals while guiding you through proper form and alignment.


Our yoga classes are designed for clients of all levels, to help you focus as you flow through a series of exercises that benefit your overall health. See an improvement in physical health in flexibility, strength and posture and in mental health with concentration and focus. These mindful practices help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase joint stabilization and encourage healthier life choices, in addition to elevated physical strength.

Start with our Yoga 101 series. This four week series, with one class a week, introduces the basis of yoga, what to expect in a class, how to do traditional poses with proper alignment and how to ease your mind through breathing. With a basic understanding you will be ready to move onto our other classes that take your basic knowledge to the next level.

Our yoga instructors are trained to help you reach your goals by understanding your level and pushing you to challenge yourself within any class you take; level one, level two or level three.

Hybrid, Circuit, Weight Training and H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training


It is important to change up your routine a bit, adding in class or two that allows your body to try something different. Between our hybrid, circuit, weight training and H.I.I.T classes, we are able to offer this to you.

Each class is unique to the instructors training style, incorporating movement and flow at their desired pace. Classes range in time from 30-50 minutes in length. These classes are higher impact than our traditional Pilates and Yoga classes, not recommended for those recovering from injuries.

  • Hybrid classes consist of 25 minutes of Pilates reformer and 25 minutes of mat training.
  • Circuit Classes consist of three to four stations, including the Pilates reformer. The timed exercises are intense with lots of movement and minimal break in between.
  • Weight Training classes use body weight or light weight to move through a series of exercises, targeting all muscle groups.
  • H.I.I.T classes consist of a variety of intense exercises followed by brief periods of recovery to the point of exhaustion.

Virtual Classes are available to our monthly membership clients for around the clock studio access. 

This becomes available after completing 10 in studio classes and a release from one of our instructors.