It’s not just a look…it’s a lifestyle!



Ready for a change?


Do you lack self motivation? Have a difficult time sticking to a routine? Our Core Fitness Family works as a team to power through!


Do you find yourself stuck in a routine that isn’t filling your cup? We are here to motivate, encourage and help you develop new habits!


Have that fear of trying something new? We have small classes, filled with AMAZING people who open their arms to new members!

Weight Loss

Have you tried “All the things” and then you fall off the wagon? Our mix of classes keeps things spicy so you don’t get stuck in the rut!


Benefits & Outcomes


Schedule an introductory class

Never done Pilates Reformer? Email or call to schedule an introductory session to learn more about it.


Pick Your Package

Select the program that best fits your needs.


Reach Your Goals

You have a plan and a community, let’s reach those goals!


What our clients have to say

“Core Fitness is phenomenal! I am a 60+, full figured girl with 2 knee replacements. Pilates provides a challenging total body workout without causing too much stress. Shelly and her tam are able to push me and make accommodations simultaneously. The studio offers a great workout and supportive camaraderie that is un-matched on the Northside. I highly recommend this place! You won’t be regret having fun while you are building a healthier life for yourself.”

~ Kristie B.

“I cannot wait for Core Fitness! I have been doing Pilates for years. I am ready to be back into the studio with some of my favorite trainers. Shelly is knowledgeable and creates fun, effective & challenging workout that keep me engaged & coming back for more.

Cheri is always ready to try new things to keep our muscles challenged and keep our workouts from becoming routine.

I have never left Greta’s classes feeling anything by amazing and glad that I made the effort to put in the time.”

~ Chris A.

“Tammy has been my yoga teacher for several years now and I am grateful! She is very authentic, passionate and kind to all her students. She is willing to take the time to listen, teach and encourage you in your practice. You will be in a better place after taking a class from her!”

~ Beth